Packaging 2020; Trends Facing a Paradigm Shift

CLS in the News: Packaging 2020: Trends Facing a Paradigm Shift

Logistics is one of the sectors where technology has opened the door for its systems questioning and redesigning. Focused on driving change towards more effective and sustainable processes that respond to changes in the market.

The fast, scalable and complex growth of today’s logistics processes, especially those focused on e-commerce and omnichannel sales, propel “rethinking” the design of packaging solutions, to meet the new demands of price and efficiency.

Packaging is undergoing a transformation in the face of digitalization. Its traditional functions as a facilitator of protection, transportability and communication, although they are still essential, must adapt to the new needs of brand experience, security / monitoring, connectivity and environmental emergency, which require new solutions to solve them

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Packaging 2020; Trends Facing a Paradigm Shift
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