Labeling Is Key in Keeping Up with Today’s Supply Chain

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for supply chain and logistics management. Products like canned food, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies have seen a significant rise in demand, while the demand for oil and refined products has slowed down. At the same time, e-commerce is booming, and some companies are struggling to meet the demand. Multiple […]

Reverse Logistics and Return Materials Authorizations Costs Reduced by Cloud Label Service

Returns are Costly Logistics research estimates that reverse logistics costs account for 0.5% of total United States gross domestic product (Fraser and Rickett, “Returns Project Gathers Pace”). Varying by industry, the percentage of products returned can range from 2% in highly specialized industrial markets, to more than 30% in eCommerce markets. In eCommerce, it costs […]

Solving the Challenge of Supply Chain Label Template Collaboration

While many excellent tools are available for enterprise label design, networked printing, and facility routing, few solutions address one of the biggest challenges in enterprise labeling: effective supply chain label template collaboration. Label design is not the area where most organizations struggle. An enterprise may have one or two label designers who work with the […]

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