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“Gaea helped Garden of Life open a new warehouse in record time and their Cloud Label Service (CLS) was a critical piece of the project, reducing development time and increasing quality and reliability. Partnering with Gaea for all things supply chain has been one of our best decisions ever!”

– Christy Poe, Sr Director IT, Garden of Life

Digitally Transform Your Supply Chain Labeling

Cloud Label Service (CLS) is a cloud-based SaaS solution that gives organizations the freedom and flexibility to easily manage the supply chain label lifecycle. CLS enables collaborative networking with suppliers to ensure that stakeholders always have current, correct label templates.

Supply Chain Labeling Simplified

Manage templates any time with Cloud Label Service

Manage templates any time

Easily collaborate with Cloud Label Service

Supplier collaboration with just a few clicks

Cloud Label Service for supply chain / logistics

Manage with any source and destination systems

Easy label upload with Cloud Label Service

Easy upload and mass label printing

5 Steps to Label Printing Perfection

Cloud Label Service upload


template(s) to cloud


Cloud Label Service share


with supplier(s),
other users

Cloud Label Service test and verify


supplier prints test labels, verifies accuracy

Cloud Label Service import


label data


Cloud Label Service print label


process complete!


Easy label upload with Cloud Label Service

Cloud Label Service Features

  • Label upload
  • View, test, print
  • Industry-standard templates
  • Robust rules engine, automatically print labels based on business rules and processes
  • Field-mapping utility
  • Map label printers
  • Web service events
  • Carrier integration: UPS, FedEx (others added upon request)
  • Serialization, rules-based and configuration
  • Oracle Supply Chain Management connection (Cloud, On-Prem)
  • Integration with SCM systems
  • Cloud subscription

Cloud Label Service Benefits

  • Eliminate errors
  • Reduce labeling costs
  • Roll out label changes instantly and globally
  • Improve regulatory and customer compliance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce IT spend and complexity
  • Freedom to focus on other supply chain challenges
Cloud Label Service logistics collaboration

Cloud Label Service Details

Label Templates

  • Upload label template files
  • View uploaded templates
  • Parse .zpl file into a viewable .png format
  • Manually view and print templates to confirm label appearance with entered data
  • Print .pdf labels from manually entered data or .csv data uploads

Automatic Reverse Logistics (RMA) Flow

  • RMA order is booked in source system, web service sends to cloud labels and host system
  • CLS auto-emails RMA label template to customer to be included with returned package
  • Host system creates a record ready to receive the RMA

Auto-Print Labels Based on Business Events

  • Automatically print labels based on business events including wave release, receipts, and shipping confirmations
  • As orders are released / waved and allocated, web service sends task/order info to auto-populate and print labels
Cloud Label Service

Read the CLS Data Sheet

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